Old Sumbawa Hand Woven Ikat Textile

AGE: – Was considered old when acquired more than 30 years ago
CONSTRUCTION: – cotton, shells
LENGTH: – 233cm
WIDTH:– 64cm

Beautifully detailed old Sumbawa Hand Woven Ikat textile richly decorated with shells and coloured bead motifs of human figures and mythological animals which all tell a story. Often shells were sewn onto the textiles, with glass beads being added or combined with the shells at a later time, adding to the story. The coloured glass beads are not factory manufactured as they are irregular in shape, so assuming they also have some age. Beads and shells were also used by the tribespeople for trade in earlier times.
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Old Sumbawa Hand Woven Ikat Textile
Old Sumbawa Hand Woven Ikat Textile
Female Shell and bead Figure onsumbawa Textile
Male figure On Sumbawa Ikat Textile
Shell and Bead Figure on Antique Sumbawa Textile
Female figure on horse Sumba Ikat Textile
Shell motifs Indonesian Sumbawa Hand Woven Cloth #4
Indonesian Sumbawa Hand woven cloth shell motifs #4
Indonesian Hand Woven Sumbawa Cloth #4
Ikat design of mythological animals
Close view hand woven Indonesian Sumbawa Cloth
Back view Ikat motifs on Indonesian Sumbawa hand woven cloth
Back viewof Indonesian Sumbawa Hand woven cloth
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