Javanese keris with Scorpian Motif on Blade

AGE: – 18th – 19th Century
LENGTH:  -50cm
WEIGHT: 250gms


Javanese keris with Scorpian Motif on Blade. In the Book “The World of the Javanese Keris”  Solyom Garret writes that the Empu must consider at least three major aspects of the blade, firstly the silhouette, the surface contour, and the surface pattern. the first two are included in the traditional notion of dapur (shape), a blade’s specific form defined and identified by the particular combination of parts and contours within it. In 1976-77, Djeno explained several important aesthetic concepts relevant to the stages in the making process of establishing and refining a specific dapur.

Each individual blade part, small or large, had its own wujud (the most general features of shape required to be present for the part to be recognizable). Each part also had its own wangun (a special feeling or quality of harmony and balance that characterized a form when it was articulated within the accepted range of “right: proportion).
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Javanese keris with Scorpian Motif on Blade
Javanese Keris with Scorpian Motif On Blade
Indonesian Javanese Keris
Javanese Keris from Indonesia
Keris Grip with Metal Mendak
Close view of Pamor on Keris Blade
Scorpion motif Indonesian Javanese Keris
Mark on Javanese Wavy bladed keris
Top view Wrangka & GripIndonesian Javanese Keris wavy blade
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