Indonesian Jogyakarta Keris Empu Djeno

AGE: – Forged late 1980’s
CONSTRUCTION: – Steel, brass, wood
LENGTH: – 47cm
WEIGHT:– 400gms

Indonesian Jogyakarta Keris Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo, a master keris/kris maker from Gratak village, located 15 km west of Yogyakarta, on the Island of Java in Indonesia.

Empu Djeno Harumbrodjo is the fifteenth descendant of the great master keris maker Empu Supo dating back to the Majapahit Empire in the 13th Century. He endeavored to craft the keris/kris as it was crafted for generations by his forefathers, preserving the traditions passed down through his descendants to make only the finest quality keris/krises.

Empu Djeno passed away in May 2006. The skills he acquired from his forefathers were fortunately passed on to his son Empu Sungkowo Harumbrodjo.

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Indonesian Jogyakarta Keris Empu Djeno
Djeno Yogyakarta keris Indonesia
Fillegre on Indonesian Keris
Indonesian Yogyarta Keris- Djeno
Pamor on Yogyakarta Keris
Pamor Yogyakarta Indonesian Keris
Side 2 Indonesian Yogyarta Keris- Djeno
Top View Indonesian Yogyakarta Keris Djeno
Indonesian Jogyakarta Keris Empu Djeno
Top view Balinese Lombok Keris
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