Indonesian Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead

AGE: – Unknown, but likely between 17th – 18th Century
BLADE LENGTH: – 31.5cm
WEIGHT: – 450 gms

This nine luk Traditional Indonesian Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead is accompanied by a wooden scabbard with a plaited ring around the top. The scabbard once had a pattern painted on the outside and is now worn with age. The Javanese spearhead is a small dagger-like tool that traditionally would have been attached to a shaft or grip, forming a weapon that was used for hunting, fishing, warfare, or ceremonial purposes. The spearhead has been used by various ethnic groups in Indonesia for centuries.

The spearhead, therefore, had multiple meanings and uses in Indonesia. It can be interpreted as a tool for survival, a weapon for liberation, or a symbol of solidarity. It can also be seen as a threat, a challenge, or a provocation. The spearhead reflects the diversity and complexity of Indonesia’s history and culture.
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Indonesian Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead
Indonesian Wavy Bladed Spearhead
Close view Blade Javanese Wavy Bladed Spear
Indonesian Wavy Bladed Spear in Wooden Sheath
Indonesian Javanese Wavy Bladed Spearhead
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