Chinese Yuan Dynasty Lokapala Warrior Guardians

AGE: – Possibly Yuan
HEIGHT: – Vary between 50cm and 50cm
WIDTH:– Vary between 35cm and 33cm
WEIGHT: – 11.7kg.

This is a rare set of Chinese Yuan Dynasty Lokapala Warrior Guardians, also referred to as heavenly guardians, heavenly Kings, or protectors of the four directions bear a striking similarity to the terracotta guardian statues outside the entrance to the “Hall of the Devas” at the famous Shuanglin Temple, in Qiaotou Village, South of the ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi Province in China.


The terracotta guardian worriers in Shuanglin Temple located about 5kms from Pingyao in China are assumed to date to the Yuan Dynasty, although some online articles refer to them as Tang, apart from their facial expressions their resemblance to many of the Tang and Ming Dynasty Guardians is minimal.  Most Tang and Ming warrior guardians are seen wearing full armour, with boots and ornate head adornments.
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Chinese Lokapala Heavenely Guardians at Shuanglin Temple, China
Shuanglin Temple four Lokapala Warrior Guardians
Shuanglin temple lokapalas
Chinese Yuan Dynasty Lokapala Warrior Guardians - Lokapala 1
Lokapala 1 Front View Chinese Lokapala Heavenly Guardians
Lokapala 1 View 2 Chinese Heavenly Guardians
Lokapala 1 Upper body View Heaenly worriers
Lokapala 1 Right Side view
Lokapala 1 Left Side View
Chinese Lokapala 1 Back View
Lokapala 2
Lokapala 2 - Left back Side view Yuan Style wooden Lokapala
Lokapala 2 - Left side view Yuan Style Chinese Lokapala
Lokapala 2 - Right side view wooden Chinese Lokapala
Lokapala 2 - Upper body view Chinese Yuan Style Wooden Guardians
Lokapala 2 Front View Chinese Wooden Yuan Style Heavenly Guardians
Lokapala2 - Righ tfront side view Chinese Lokapal
Lokapala 2 - Back view Chinese Heavenly Protectors
Lokapala 2 - Close up view Base Wooden Lokapala
Lokapala 3
Lokapala 3 - Front view Chinese Wooden Lokapala
Lokapala 3 - Right side front view
Lokapala 3 - Back Side view Heavenly Guardians
Lokapala 3 - Left Side back view
Lokapala 3 - Side view Wooden Heavenly Guardians
Lokapala 3 - Upper body view Yuan Style Wooden Heavenly Guardian
Lokapala 3 - Back view
Lokapala 3 - Close view base
Lokapala 4
Lokapala 4 - Chinese Wooden Yuan style Guardians
Lokapala 4 - Left side front view
Lokapala 4 - Left side front view
Lokapala 4 - left side view
Lokapala 4 - Right back side view
Lokapala 4 - Right side view Chinese Wooden Yuan style Lokapala
Lokapala 4 - Side back view Chinese Guardian Worriers
Upper Body View Chinese Wooden Yuan Dynasty Lokapala
Lokapala 4 - Back view Chinese Lokapala
Lokapala 4 - Close view Base Chinese Guardian
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