Antique Javanese keris With Mammoth Ivory

AGE: – More than 200 years
CONSTRUCTION: – Iron blade, Ivory, silver plate, stones
LENGTH:– 50.5cm
WEIGHT: – 550gms

A beautiful Antique Javanese Keris With Mammoth Ivory Hilt and warangka and coloured stones set into a silver Selut with Mendak, the original stones may have been removed and replaced with lesser quality stones or glass, with some missing. The Waranka and grip on this keris, like one other in our collection we were informed that it was mammoth ivory, unable to confirm (see enlarged pictures below).

The sheath is decorated with beautiful elaborate floral repoussé work on the length of the sheath on one side and a small decorative filagreéd pattern on the tip on the back of the sheath. Due to age, the pattern (pamor) on the sheath is faint and the edges of the blade are worn, but still sharp. We are assuming the metal sheath is silver plated, there is no sign of wear exposing another metal such as brass underneath.
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Antique Javanese keris with Mammoth Ivory
Antique Javanese keris With Mammoth Ivory
Antique Javanese keris with Mammoth Ivory
Javanese Keris Straight Bladed Keris
Top View Hilt and Waranka of Javanese Keris
Javanese Keris Mammoth Ivory Hilt
Mammoth Ivory Waranka on Javanese Keris
Selut & Mendak on Javanese Keris
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