AGE: – Antique Blade – Sheath 20th Century
LENGTH: – 65.5cm:
WEIGHT:– 850gms
LUKE: 13

Antique Decoratively Carved Balinese Keris

Antique Decoratively Carved Balinese Keris in near-perfect condition with a nice mix of light and dark wood beautifully carved in the Balinese style. The blade we think is much older with a very nice pamor (pattern in the blade made by forging together the various metals). There is a small crack on the hilt which is barely visible. (see image)
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Antique Decoratively Carved Balinese Keris
Balinese Keris with Wooden Carved Sheath
Antique Balinese Keris
Side 2 Balinese Kelris with Decorative Carved Sheath
Balinese Keris Blade Side 2
Pamor on Balinese Keris Blade
Balinese Keris Carved Decorative Sheath and Grip
Balinese Keris with Decorative Sheath
Balinese Keris with Wood Carved Sheath
Balinese Keris with Decorative Wooden Carved Grip
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