Antique Straight Bladed Javanese Keris

Antique Straight Bladed Javanese Keris

LENGTH: – 49cm
WEIGHT: 300gms


Antique Straight Bladed Javanese keris with silver plate over a brass sheath with an impressed pattern on one side is a unique and iconic weapon that has a long and rich history in Indonesia. The keris is not only a dagger but also a spiritual object that is believed to have magical powers. The origins of the keris are shrouded in mystery, but clues to the antiquity of its existence can be found in the ancient carvings and bas-reliefs of Java.

The word keris may have derived from the old Javanese word ngeris, which means “to stab” or “to pierce”. The term kris is a European rendering of this Javanese term and is more commonly used in the Western world. The keris has a distinctive, asymmetrical shape, with a wavy or straight blade that is often decorated with intricate patterns. The hilt and the scabbard are also elaborately carved and adorned with various materials, such as gold, silver, ivory, wood, or horn.
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Antique Straight Bladed Javanese Keris
Indonesan Javanese Keris with silver sheath
Antique Indonesian Javanese Blade view
Blade view Indonesian Javanese keris
Indonesian Javanese keris with Metal Sheath
Side 2 Indonesian Javanese Keris
Top view Indonesian Javanese Keris
View of Hilt Antique Straight Bladed Javanese Keris
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